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History of Britcher Farm

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Our Grandparents Peter and June Heathcote have always come from a farming background, especially Peter who farmed in Sulfolk and Kent.

When they moved to Britcher Farm on the 16th June 1981 there were several crop fields including the bank which was full of strawberries. The strawberries all used to be hand picked and sold in Covent Garden London.

They continued to grow the arable crop, potatoes, fruit and wheat, but the farm was and still is mainly used for livestock. During the winter we have sheep grazing on the farm lambing in spring, and during the summer a heard of cows with calves at foot and a bull roaming the pastures.

The farm consists of 64 aches and the views stretch out beyond The Weald. The Greensand way footpath runs through the farm and we often see lots of walkers passing through.

The farm was previously owned by a Mr and Mrs Batt who used it as a dairy farm and parlour, our Grandmother can remember delivering groceries from the Pluckley village shop where she was born in the next door village to Egerton, on her bike aged 14.

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